Why is my work buckling and bubbling? - A Matter of Tastes Custom Picture Framing
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I had customer come in with an artwork that she framed herself. It had quite a few bubbles,marks and it was buckling on the surface. She had hoped that I could fix the problems. After a few questions I discovered that it had hung in a front hallway with drastic temperature changes and it was framed without a mat and was backed with cardboard. Though the artwork was damaged, I managed to reframe it with a mat and acid free backing. I explained to her that during severe temperature changes, humidity may condense on the inside of the glass, not only leaving watermarks, but also expanding and contracting the paper, which lead to the buckling.

Much of the public view custom framing as an unnecessary expense. Mass produced frames are everywhere, including dollar stores, which often are seen as a quick and cheap solution for pieces to be framed. Often these frames are plastic with cheap non acid free paper mats and cardboard backing. If you value something the best option is to bring it to the framing studio and I can help you figure out the best solution for your budget. When you come to me, you are not only paying for quality materials and work, but for the advice of a someone that has years of experience and the knowledge as an artist and framer. I spent many years getting framing done and am able to appreciate a framer that was honest and understood my needs. I hope can serve you the same way.

Remember even with the best framing practices can only go so far in keeping your works safe from fading, damage and harm. When chosing a place to hang an artwork, keep it in mind that materials will be effected by humidity, drastic temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight, even with UV filtering glass.

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