As most of you, in an effort not to be infected and to “flatten the curve”, I am voluntarily self distancing myself . I have my toilet paper and my snacks, with the hope of not going out into the public for awhile. That being said, I was working two days a week and observing 6 feet social distancing with customers but I have decided to temporary close for a few weeks due COVID19 VIRUS.

I feel it is important to close due to the possible close contact I must have with my customers. A two metre gap isn’t conducive when helping a customer during a framing consultation, as well as the possible mutual contact with the frame corners and mat samples. When trying to decide how to manage this, I decided there was too many waysthat might be an issue, thus making the difficult decision to close up. If we all stay home and self isolate, the quicker it will be over and faster we can get back to regular life.

I hope everyone is well and staying home and protecting themselves. Please see the up side of being home and enjoying this time with yourself or your family. We can’t get too lonely with all the platforms we have to communicate with each other. I choose to see this as physical distancing and not social distancing. We are doing this for the collective well being of others and ourselves. Imagine the things you can accomplish while you are home and the anticipation of finally being able to move freely when this is all over. But for now we have the chance for some quiet time of solitude and reflection. Try something new. Nap all day. Or just be grateful you are home and safe when others are not so lucky. I can’t think of a better place to be but in my home with all my comforts and joys. It is very important that we don’t get sick and spread it to others, especially our families. I am washing my hands so much I am available to sand down any rough lumber you have available. Please stay positive.

If you need to contact me, feel free to email me at or call or text at 902-863-5407. I will be posting and keeping you updated on what is going on via Facebook (A Matter of Tastes Custom Framing & Art Gallery) or Instagram (@amatteroftastes).

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